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Congratulations to the winner of the Teen Poetry Contest, Keira D! Honorable mention to Gryphon A. Judges comments are available to the participants by request at the library.


 Twisted Tree 

 By Keira D.

Gray brown mottled tree,

 Branches shorn save few twisted limbs,

 On which lifeless leaves cling to by threads,

 But poise themselves to flee. 

Everyone says it’s dead,

 But I know better. 

 Though the trunk that once stood erectly, 

Is stripped of bark, and warped,

 I think, like a cursive letter,

 She is twisted artistically 

No protective walls, 

To hide behind, 

Holes that reveal her heartwood. 

Her honest, genuine, appearance,

Is beautiful. 

She seems to be waiting. 

For what? 

Perhaps for her story to be told?

Spell unraveled? 

The curse reversed? 

Does she need a fairytale romance?

Or does she just need,

 To fall in love,

 With something she once hated?

But what if that thing she hated,

Was herself?  

 And what if that scarred tree,

Was me? 

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Join Our Teen Advisory Group


Narrative is not only a place to share the books we love, but also a way to get more involved in the library!


If you are interested in participating in this group once it is back in session please contact the library. 


Contact Youth Services

Do you  need volunteer hours for school? 


We would love your help!


Volunteer duties usually include light cleaning, organization, and specialized projects. 


The library will try to accommodate the hours you need for school, based on mutual availability. Before you can volunteer, please stop by the library for a permission form and application or contact our Youth Services Coordinator. The permission slip and the application must be returned before you can start volunteering.

For more information, call the library at

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